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The Traveller – Wishing Well

Hello, my name is Jillian Godsil (heyho) and I am the owner of this blog. I also produce and present The Wishing Well on DublinSouthFM, a twice monthly visit into the head and hearts of really interesting and passionate people. In a departure from the ordinary, I visited my guest, singer songwriter Don Mescall in his converted studios in a old decommissioned church in Cavan. I will share a link to the show – scheduled for March 12 here. Here is the start of Don’s bio – it’s extensive and the rest is provided at the end of this article. As a songwriter, Don Mescall’s songs have featured on albums with sales of over 22 million worldwide and have received in excess of 18 million hits on You Tube. His songs have been recorded by artists including US Country superstars Rascal Flatts, Brett Eldridge , Lonestar, Neal McCoy, Backstreet Boys, Geri Halliwell, Sharon Corr, Ronan Keating, Celtic Thunder, American idol’s Clay Aiken and American idol Theo Thams (Phantom of the Opera star, Ramin Karimloo), Aslan, Frances Black, Brian Kennedy , Christy Dignam ,French Canadian recording artist Garou, Shane Filan & Nicky Byrne (Westlife), Boyzone, triple platinum French artist Marina Kaye, […]

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Before the Surge

Today as we enter lockdown here in Ireland we are also waiting for the surge.  So many new terms for our condition; social distancing, cocooning, washing hands, not touching our face, and of course the surge. In a matter of days my perception of the world has changed. Daily, I search online for news, mostly news of deaths, across the world. Nightly, I wait for our own account of new cases and new deaths. And recently when watching television, I shuddered when I saw a normal gathering of people – too close too close I thought – and I physically recoiled when two people hugged on screen.  Suddenly two metres is the new norm. As a young teenage I loved history and studied it in Trinity. I particularly loved World War 1 for many reasons including the innocence, the heroism, and the misplaced notions of patriotism. In a war fought over a tiny principality the reality was far from any notion of fighting for good, whatever that might mean anyway. I studied stories in the trenches, about the boredom and then the going over the top. I read one story of a young captain who brought his football to the […]

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Zachary Balber – his mum was beloved

Intimate Stranger: His Uncensored Photo Series of Secret Performance Stills Exhibition: Zachary Balber: Intimate Stranger (the Uncensored Series), on view until February 3. Curated by Jose Antonio Navarette. On view during Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami Artmedia Gallery in Miami Zachery is articulate, polite and insightful. He knows his craft and is not afraid to shake it up – quite a lot, if posing naked in multi million dollar houses on the sinking landmass that is Miami counts as outrage. Other artists have done the naked protest, typically women such as Pussy Riot, and often the public display of nudity has ended up in arrest, but not on this occasion. Better to challenge Miami high end realtors than Putin, perhaps. It happened over a nine-year period and I have no idea how he managed to keep it secret. Some genius in the realtor game came up with the idea – why not hire a leading fine art photographer to shoot some of the most expensive homes on the Miami coastline. They chose Zachary Balber whose fine art photography is legendary. He has been tasked with capturing some of the biggest names in art and his secret is to […]

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Wicklow Good News (1) Michelle Power Lynch

Wickow Good News is a podcast available on and to tell the good news stories coming out of Wicklow as Irish people rise in solidarity with front line workers to help their neighbours. Wicklow Good News was set up by Jillian Godsil and Marlena Murphy. Over the coming weeks they hope to speak with the many heroes who shine despite the terrible times. We will overcome and we will overcome together. The first guest to speak on the show was Michelle Lynch Power, audiologist and activist based in Greystones but working in Tallaght Hospital. Michelle was previously on the Wicklow This Week radio programme on East Coast FM which I presented until COVID19 put a stop to all that.  On that occasion, the subject of the interview was her daughter Grace who was only 5 years of age. Two years prior Grace has seen a picture of a child with no hair undergoing cancer treatment.  She was very upset, even as a three year old, and wanted to do something to help. Her response was to grow her hair so that she could donate it to a charity. Two years later with lots of tears, as tangles were […]

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Jonha Richman – where in the world is Jonha Richman?

In February of this year I interviewed the lovely Jonha Richman.  The article is below – it is a gentle article that spends more time on another podcast – Planet Money – than her story but I liked it well enough. Right now I am trying to get in contact with Jonha. I have a question to ask her. If you know her or perhaps live on the same street or maybe go to the same cafe would you mind asking her to give me a buzz. And the question I want to ask is – Are you okay Jonha? Thank you Jillian Godsil Jonha Richman – and the five year bet Sometimes people can be lighthouses – and shine light onto other topics rather than themselves. This was the case when I interviewed Jonha Richman who explained to me about a famous NPR podcast, or rather two podcasts, recorded five years apart. This is the story of the future of money. January 2014 and NPR’s Podcast Planet Money was witness to an unusual bet. Hosts Jacob Goldstein and David Kestenbaum were talking about predictions. Jacob said that he disliked most predictions as they were often ‘weaselly’ by which he […]

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