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Irish Film makers launch hard hitting documentary to tell An Uncomfortable Truth




Irish Film Makers Daragh Murphy (November Seven Films) and David Martin Murphy (No Labels) today launch a new hard hitting documentary called An Uncomfortable Truth. The film duo claim the documentary will lay bare the truth behind the collapse of the Celtic Tiger and tell the story that Europe did not want to hear.

The documentary takes its focus from one of the first Irish female bankrupts under the new Insolvency laws. Jillian Godsil (the bankruptshee) lost everything in a cruel twist of fate leaving her homeless, her business crushed and without income. At the same time, her searing honesty propelled her front and foremost of every conversation on debt in Ireland – and abroad. In 2011, she made a video to sell her home, it went viral, she went viral and subsequently appeared on television all over the world, telling the story of what it was like in Ireland post the Celtic Tiger. However, as Ireland was forced into the unjust position of propping up the Euro, Europe stopping asking for the truth. In fact, the truth about the terrible cost of austerity inflicted on the Irish people was systematically hidden.  A subversion of the truth that was aided and abetted by the government of the day.

The duo track Jillian as she seeks out the truth about really happened to Ireland and the awful price paid by its people, a price sometimes paid in the ultimate currency, the loss of life itself.

Jillian is a fearless campaigner for truth and justice – a role that was forced upon her through circumstance. As part of her fight, she also successfully changed the law this month to allow bankrupts, to allow her, to run for European Elections on May 23rd, 2014.

‘If successful, I will be the whistleblower for my country in Europe,’ says Jillian. ‘Even as I bear witness in this documentary, I will go to Europe and do the same.’

This is the documentary that they didn’t want made. This is the story they wanted to bury. This is the truth that no one in Europe wanted to admit. This is the story of Modern Ireland.  This is the story of Ireland in Austerity – the real story.



Murphy and Murphy have come together to tell the story of Modern Ireland. The Ireland that did not rebel, the Ireland that did not overthrow its corrupt leaders, the Ireland that did not eject its politicians – but the Ireland that is suffering daily, the Ireland that has 40 times more debt per capita than any other Euro Nation, the Ireland who has pushed debt on its children’s children and the Ireland that was sold a pup for Europe. They didn’t want to know but they are going to tell anyway.

An Uncomfortable Truth is the result.

An Uncomfortable Truth is backed by Powerscourt Capital and is seeking funding now on To be part of this ground breaking documentary visit the site and pledge your money now.

Daragh Murphy – Director.

Daragh is an award winning filmmaker based in Dublin. A graduate of The New York Film Academy, Daragh has directed numerous Short Films, Music Videos, Commercials and Documentaries in New York, India, Australia and Ireland. In 2012, Daragh set up November Seven Films, an Irish film production company, which also houses a full Editing Suite and a motion graphics and animation studio.

David Murphy – Producer

David is a Dublin based Producer with extensive experience in the music & creative industries. He has a history of business development & marketing, and creative consultancy. He recently set up his own company Without Labels, a multi-disciplinary creative arts and management agency. He is working on numerous Documentary Projects both in Ireland and overseas.





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