Jim Bolger – interview by Jillian Godsil on SETV

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Bolger, racing trainer, recently. It was a big honour and I have to say I was really worried in advance. Jim’s international reputation precedes him: he is a very straight man, at the top of his game and would not suffer fools gladly. The night before the interview I suddenly got very worried. I wondered if I had done enough research. I woke at 2am in a blind panic and got up and started watching video after video of him. Of course, the more I watched, the less I knew. I finally collapsed in bed about 6am, exhausted and all the more confused with his wins, the horses and the different race courses.

This is me with the cameraman man Ronan from South East Television before the interview. I may look calm, but ….

jim bolger image







Anyway, it all went fine on the day, thank goodness. Jim was a most friendly interview subject and very generous with his time.  The final result is on the SETV pages (click here) and look for the icon on the right. All I say afterwards is Winner All Right, Winner All Right!

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