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On Being a Student – Again

Confession time: I am a student again. I am studying a Masters in screenwriting in IADT in Dun Laoghaire. It is a demanding course with full time lectures on Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week you are meant to spend in the library. Of course as a mature student I spent the rest of the time doing the things I have to do; look for business, pitch writing gigs, do writing gigs, look after my kids, mind house, cook the odd dinner, sing with my choir, preside over my alma mater, learn to run and plan world domination. And that is only on Wednesday. It is a wonderful thing being a student again. It is a long time since I was a student and while it is different as a mature student, it is still wonderful. The biggest surprise is how much I don’t know. That sounds a bit foolish but life after university is often an exercise in using limited knowledge to navigate difficult tasks. The older you get, the better you get at navigation. But when you go back to college, the world sense you may have gained does not always parlay into expert navigation. For […]

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I am currently studying a masters in screenwriting in IADT which has some savage deadlines including completing the first draft of our screenplay in less than ten days. Coupled with a rather arduous essay on Aristotle’s Poetics, I have been a bit remiss on my blog (but I am threatening to post my essay once I get it back from the examiners – just to prove how HARD it was to address that subject!) So apologies for the lack of content and I shall be writing here again very, very soon. In the interim, I am delighted to say I am one of the contributors for Barnardos’ Charitable and Artistic Series of Presentations called which will run from March 12 to March 14 and I hope you all put these dates in your diary. If last year’s event was anything to go by it should be a wonderful celebration. Here is a video from last year made by Hello Deer Films. CLICK HERE to view Talk to you soon Jillian 🙂    

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Messines – Happy Christmas Everyone!

  Don Mullan, author, humanitarian and Christmas Truce ambassador, stood in front of two graves in Messines, Belgium. On the left was Private T Delaney of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, who died on Christmas Eve 1914 and on the right, was Private M Murphy of the same division who died on December 30th.  It was a charged and emotional moment as he spoke of the 1914 Christmas Truce. That first Christmas in the war that was to end all wars and had already broken another promise of being over by Christmas. The gap in the dates on the two gravestones indicated that the truce, or at least the death toll, had temporarily stretched for five days. In a war that killed 13,000 men a day, this was a significant easement. Mullan said if the dead solders could talk, they would exhort the living to live, live, live. We, the Waterford Omagh Peace Choir, sang Red is the Rose with difficulty. Everyone was obviously and visibly upset, especially the very youngest members, and we struggled through the verses. This moment had been four years in the planning and the choir carried its emotion in the song.   The 1914 Christmas Truce […]

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OMG look what the cat did to the Christmas Tree

              OK – Let me confess about the twelve days of my Christmas tree: 5 hrs · Like · 1 Jillian Godsil 1. My youngest normally does our christmas decorations but she is away until Christmas eve 5 hrs · Like · 1 Jillian Godsil 2. I didn’t buy a real tree because a good friend is allergic to the sap 5 hrs · Like · 1 Jillian Godsil 3. I couldn’t find the old one for ages and finally I did but I appear to have lost the middle piece for I am sure it was taller than that before 5 hrs · Like · 1 Jillian Godsil 4. The two pieces I did find were very squashed and despite pulling and prodding I was not able to much improve their appearance 5 hrs · Like · 1 Jillian Godsil 5. I was also unable to locate the stand 5 hrs · Like · 1 Jillian Godsil 6. A stable boot (a work boot), surrounding by bundles of election pamphlets makes a passable stand 5 hrs · Like · 1 Jillian Godsil 7. but it is liable to movement with very little encouragement […]

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Messines – The 1914 Christmas Truce

We traveled to Messines for an emotional celebration of the 1914 Christmas Truce. The Waterford-Omagh Peace officially changed its name to the Island of Ireland Peace Choir Watch the news here  Here we are singing in Iveagh House with President Emeritus Mary McAleese and in the Independent the next day RTE  RTE video  And we were also featured on Nationwide on December 19, 2014   And we went a bit viral along the way ….. including marking it into the UK Telegraph   

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