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Death By Sex?

The irish Book of the Dead by Jillian Godsil What is it about the Irish and their fascination with death? From wakes to accidents, to death by sex, by misadventure, by time, this new collection of short stories traces a personal approach to death in all its froms. At times funny, stark and poignant, the nine stories will leave the reader wanting more. Buy this book now on Amazon Most Helpful Customer Reviews  Illuminating July 10, 2012 By Shamhorse From a woman who knows how to make a word pack 20 punches this is surely a knock out blow. I think any short story gets its greatest compliment when its read twice just to make sure you missed nothing first time round.

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The day I lost my Bosoms!

The day I lost my bosoms To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune: to lose both looks like carelessness, so intoned Lady Bracknell in Wildes’ Importance of being Earnest. So, too it was that I lost both my bosoms to a severe allergic reaction while on a brief break in the sun last week. Well, to be strictly honest, I did not lose my bosoms so much as I could no longer see them without the assistance of a mirror. My eyes had so swollen up as to render me half blind, fully oriental and scared silly my face would never return to my normal occidental self.   Under a hot sun, misfortunes may sometimes look harsher than under a cloudy Irish sky, with all its 50 shades of grey. In the searing heat my skin puckered and grew angry. First a tell tale itchy rash across the top of my arms and then my face began to creak and redden. On day two of a short five day break I knew I was in trouble. That evening, my right eye was puffy as if I had overslept. I kept on touching the skin under my eye, […]

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Friday June 15 – Speaking at the Dotconf

What a conference. This is the third annual dotconf run by the National College of Ireland. It’s all about the web, people in it, doing stuff with it, making stuff for it or simply using it. I can honestly say I have never sat through a more interesting day packed to the brim with interesting people and speakers and thoughts and ideas. The MC was Karlin Lillington from the Irish Times and she was super, enthused and delightful. She told us there were more mobile phones than toothbrushes in the world. Some fact huh? We had Mark Congiusta, and no I still can’t pronounce his name either, from Cisco on the User Experience. That was funny. He mentioned toothbrushes too I think. Then Randall Snare from iQ Content who has apparently read the Pilgrims Progress, she was pretty much on her own in that regard. Curly Dena, or Dena Walker from Irish International was very funny too. She pointed out that if people tell you digital is complex, it’s not. It’s just stuff, more stuff that we hadn’t had before. Then Kirstie McDermott from who told us about Badgers, hot ones. Another theme for the day, even Eamonn Carey […]

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The Late Late 50 Years

“What is your best memory of the Late Late?” I was asked this live on East Coast Radio on Friday morning last, June 1, 2012. I had been invited to join a panel of guests to talk about the news and current affairs. Given that it was the day after the Referendum Vote I supposed the talk to be all about voting patterns and hopes and outcomes. I had also not read a paper in the week unless it was about the voting. I was joined by Parish Priest Fr Martin Cosgrove and Arklow Chamber of Commerce President Irene Sweeney in the Arklow Credit Union building. It too was celebrating – 50 years I understand too, but neither Irene nor Martin had looked at the papers either. We were placed in one corner of the Credit Union but the rest of the room was filling up with people and stalls for their celebration. The noise was rising and it was actually quite hard to hear above the general hum.  Then our host Declan Meehan had taken the wrong exit and arrived literally seconds before we were to go live on air. Now Declan is a consummate professional and he swung […]

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National Volunteering Week – May 14-21

National Volunteering Week – May 14-21 “We all know that volunteering benefits Irish society, but volunteering also has a powerful effect on the volunteer. We recently carried out a survey with 500 active volunteers, 98 per cent of respondents found that volunteering makes them a happier person.” Anna Lee, Chairperson of Volunteer Ireland, (originally published in Volunteering makes us happy. Or perhaps less grumpy. Or maybe able to complain faster! Most parents will volunteer with their children’s hobbies and activities. Typically their children cannot attend leisure activities outside of formal schooling without some form of parental assistance and it becomes a necessity, whether it is coaching the Under 12s, making cakes for the fund raisers or becoming bona fide leaders in the Boy Scouts. It doesn’t mean the politics are any the less or that events run on time, but there is bonding between families and sharing with children. Sometimes volunteering is only for a season. Perhaps your child grows out of their sport or someone else is voted in to a new committee. It does help to spread the load, although of course there are professional volunteering parents and leaders who will stay with the organisation regardless of their children’s […]

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