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From yesterday’s Irish Times – a decade on in the recession – however, I was much more upbeat about my future. I have turned the corner, I am proud of my achievements, and the future is looking very rosy! Irish Times Jillian Godsil lost her home in the recession and was one of the the first women to go bankrupt under Ireland’s new bankruptcy regulations. “Until 2008, life was very good. I was happily married, or so I thought, running my own PR and marketing company, living in a big house we’d bought in 1996. “Then two things went wrong. I discovered to my horror that I wasn’t happily married, and we started separation proceedings. The second thing was that my ex had got into property. The house had been worth €1.6 million at one stage, and it seemed to make sense to release some equity. So we had huge debts that we couldn’t pay. “It happened so quickly. My husband went back to the UK and declared bankruptcy. I made a video to try to sell the house on YouTube. The video was quirky and it went viral. I got a cash offer of €500,00 in 2011, and I put […]

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Why Binance Is The Number One Cryptocurrency Exchange, Exclusive Interview With Changpeng Zhao, Aka CZ

CCN   Binance has exceeded all expectations, including those of the CEO and founder Changpeng Zhao, or CZ as he is known, to reach the number one cryptocurrency exchange in just six months. Binance is arguably also the fastest ever Unicorn reaching double the valuation required (hitting $2billion) and is moreover profitable. ‘If you had asked me a month ago when we would hit the number one spot,’ says CZ from Tokyo where he had not stopped working all over the holidays, ‘I might have answered six to nine months. If you had asked me about unicorn status, I might have thought the same period. This growth has surprised even me.’ Binance may be an overnight success but CZ has certainly put in the time and there is very little left to chance in this booming exchange. With three lines of business: trading, incubation labs and Binance’s ICO Launchpad, things are moving very quickly. Two ICOs have already been rolled out on the Launchpad; GIFTO and Bread. The two ICOs raised $3million and $3.5million respectfully in a matter of minutes. ‘We are building a community of trust,’ says CZ. ‘Part of that is the release of ICO funds.’ In an exclusive […]

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The Pineapple Fund, Using Bitcoin Profits For Crypto Good

CCN When Bitcoin hit the $20,000 high in late 2017 there was endless talk of how much money people holding coins had made. It was reminiscent of Dublin during the Celtic Tiger where dinner party conversations were dominated by the rising price of houses. On the face of it, these Bitcoin conversations were all about greed. However there are exceptions. While there are many people making money from Bitcoin, there are also do-gooders who are donating Bitcoin to charities and causes. We have covered some of these people and organisations here (Paxful) and here (CharityStars). One of the largest donators to hit the press ever in the history of Bitcoin is an unknown man or woman who goes by the name ‘Pine’ and has set up ‘The Pineapple Fund’. The name The Pineapple Fund comes from the fact that if you eat too much pineapple your mouth can become sore and you can develop a temporary intolerance to them. While anonymous, he or she quoted on their website: “I’ve always liked Pineapple but since it contains bromelain [an enzyme that digests protein] your mouth becomes tender if you eat too much of it. Then, like now, is a good time […]

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Did You Realise Coinhive Has Been Using Your CPU Power For Altcoin Mining?

CCN Coinhive mining – a victimless crime? Coinhive delivered a clever piece of software in September with very little fanfare. Website owners were asked to create an account with Coinhive and then run their application on their websites. The software was an in-browser java script app that allowed the host website use the visiting people’s CPU’power to mine for alt coin Monero. Visitors were unaware of this CPU filtering, or stealing, and may only have spotted that their machine had slowed down or their fans suddenly revved up. Typically the additional electrical costs per stolen CPU ran in the region of a few dollars per month, but it all adds up of course for the website miner if they can get multiple visitors ‘donating’ their CPU. Sophos Senior Technologies Paul Ducklin is calling out the practice. ‘Here at Sophos we don’t agree with the subterfuge,’ he says. ‘We are calling it parasite-ware. The donating CPU may not be actually damaged and the energy costs next to minimal in most cases, but it is permission-less and therefore unacceptable.’ Ducklin compared it to an employee driving to a restaurant for lunch and the loaning the company car to a stranger to run […]

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Andy Tian Interview, CEO Of The Fastest Selling ICO In Asia, $30 Million Raised In 1 Minute!

CCN           GIFTO – Enter the blockchain Andy Tian has been labelled a ‘traditional’ entertainment man coming as he does from the world of online, mobile, gamified entertainment. ‘That was before I moved into the blockchain arena,’ he says, ‘it is funny to think that pre-blockchain is considered traditional.’ He has the last laugh, however, with the ICO for GIFTO, the virtual gifting protocol, closing out in one minute to the tune of $30million. ‘Two third were institutional investors and the last $10million came in one minute.’ GIFTO was the fastest selling ICO in Asia. It was four times over-subscribed and it will be the largest non-crypto adoption of blockchain technology by a mile. Tian expects a minimum of 5million users and 100,000 content creators when the product launches in Q1 of next year. How can he be so confident?  As CEO of AIG, Asia Innovations Group, Tian brings a wealth of ‘traditional’ gaming experience to the table. Previously he was head of Zynga China and there he learnt the business of gaming. ‘The millions made in the gaming industry are from virtual purchases and assets.’ He explains.  ‘Gamers buy virtual swords, armour, tools – all […]

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