Raheengraney House

This is the Story of Raheengraney House 


Ok, I was on Al Jazeera TV in March 2014. Talking about …debt!


Some updates. I tried to avail of the more humane, efficient and workable bankruptcy laws in the UK – Irish Independent in January 2013. But I could not afford to leave the country, so then I queued up to avail of the new insolvency laws here in Ireland – Sunday Independent 8 Sept but it appears that I am too broke to avail of the new insolvency service – Sunday Independent 15 Sept. Again an elite service for an elite and let the rest of us eat cake…

I led the RTE news all day on Sept 9 and was featured on Morning Edition on RTE1 also at minute 106.

I wrote a piece on trying to go Bankrupt for Irish Central on December 13, 2013

Russia Today broadcast an interview with me on Christmas Day 2013

I was interviewed on BBC2 newsnight on Wednesday 30 May 2012

I was interviewed in Belgian TV on Thursday 31 May, 2012

I was part of an RTE 1 documentary, Life and Debt, shown on Monday 28, May, 2012.

I was interviewed on TV3 midweek programme in March. See the interview here at minute 23

I was interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR.org) in February see interview here

I was interviewed in the UK Telegraph in January

I was featured on BBC news in September

Here is my first video here

And here is my second here 


  1. Hi Gillian,

    Just watched your story on rte player over in London here and I was really moved by your pragmatism and fighting spirit in dealing with your plight.
    I know my words will bring you no tangible comfort but on the other hand listening to your story has helped lessen my load, loose some tears that needed to be lost, and inspired me a little too.
    Thank you kindly for sharing,
    Best wishes.

    • I did rent it for about two years. I lost my first tenant when he lost his job, the second was evicted by the guards and the electricity was cut off as there was a very high bill. Also, the place was in very bad repair so I could not find another tenant. So sadly while I would rent, with the poor repair, no furniture, no electricity etc there is no hope of finding a tenant. Unless you know of someone who might rent in this condition…cheers Jill 🙂

  2. would the banks not give you enough to repair the damage so that you could rent for a little while again – its something to tide you over. Maybe my suggestions are not good

  3. I have been served repossession papers and there is a court hearing in February. I dont have the money to repair it, i don’t have the money to repay it. Basically I am hit by a double whammy of divorce and recession. The only irony is that I lose everything and still the banks can come after me for the remainder of the debt…..

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