Running out of Road

Bella bursts into the world with an energy that defies any attempt at grace. Fighting demons that mostly harken from her dysfunctional upbringing, she brings havoc and chaos to those around her, and most of all to herself. She is a fighter who must learn to nurture, God help her!

‘Running out of Road is uncompromising and direct with a fascinating heroine and deserves to have legions of fans.’ Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl author

‘ Visceral and sexy, Godsil’s gripping novel is a welcome antidote to the usual Irish chicklit fare.’ Nick Mulcahy, Business Plus

Caution: Contains strong language and scenes of an adult nature

Running out of Road – available on Amazon for 99c

See the video staring Bart here



  1. hi jill saw you on the documentary life and debt last night and was impressed with your spirit and courage . as a seperated man whose marriage broke up , business failed and a lot of debt , i can say now i am back positive working and creative . i have a new business idea and i need someone to help me write the copy for the website . dont know if you have the time to help me or even the desire given all the things you have to cope with right now
    and i expect to remunerate you

    kind regards

    chris aherne

  2. I wish you every best, just reading your story as i came across your video on you tube by chance……. Ive no doubt you will come back bigger and better.

    Declan Cassidy

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