Zachary Balber – his mum was beloved

Intimate Stranger: His Uncensored Photo Series of Secret Performance Stills Exhibition: Zachary Balber: Intimate Stranger (the Uncensored Series), on view until February 3. Curated by Jose Antonio Navarette. On view during Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami Artmedia Gallery in Miami Zachery is articulate, polite and insightful. He knows his craft and is not afraid to shake it up – quite a lot, if posing naked in multi million dollar houses on the sinking landmass that is Miami counts as outrage. Other artists have done the naked protest, typically women such as Pussy Riot, and often the public display of nudity has ended up in arrest, but not on this occasion. Better to challenge Miami high end realtors than Putin, perhaps. It happened over a nine-year period and I have no idea how he managed to keep it secret. Some genius in the realtor game came up with the idea – why not hire a leading fine art photographer to shoot some of the most expensive homes on the Miami coastline. They chose Zachary Balber whose fine art photography is legendary. He has been tasked with capturing some of the biggest names in art and his secret is to […]

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