Tick Tock

Tick tock Listen here  Tick tock The clock Stopped   The hopes and fears Of all the years Were met in Greece tonight   Arears Arears The bankers cheers And blood crept down the wall   A people poised The choices posed Not even Solomon could call   Under the orb of a constant eye That counts in coins alone The ancient cradle of polls and votes Was backed into corners by suited louts   Spotlight of world rights Erased its autonomy Off with its head – Give it a frontal lobotomy The queen of hearts could not have been as cruel Please may I have some more – Achtung give it gruel   And blood seeped through the ancient stones As booted bankers stepped over bones Cracking and crunching the feeble sticks. And cheering acolytes called them by name Praised their virtue, passed on the blame To a faceless race where bewilderment ticks   What match is flesh for filthy lucre What match is right for coins and notes What match is humanity for the pounds, shillings and pence Of a world that is not right in the head Of a world that denies the existence of the heart […]

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