First Lines 2014

First Lines New lines Bare branches scratched a grey sky Love is not enough I was the evil twin They would throw a party if they changed their knickers She’s had so much plastic surgery she’d melt if she stood near a candle I used to be an asshole but I’m alright now The lady who fell as she walked Cracking wings of pheasants, gun loud in the November air The ginger prince All roads lead south I grew up with the smell of pine in my nostrils Just as I reach Rose Cottage my coverage falls, every time, it’s the Bermuda spot in the village I am an amoeba Sorry I stole your life We are seduced by the oily mendacity of the City Sup smelly. Whas a crackakackin? Even though people are the author of the own lives, they don’t always get dealt a fair hand at the start You are never far from the ground Where to begin? Happy New Year!

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