Welcome to my video page. I do not have posters for this campaign and instead I am reliant on social media, this blog, other media and goodwill to spread the word. Here I have collected some relevant videos from the past year or so as well as new ones talking about the main concerns I have.

Never forget – Bailing out the banks, taxi drivers and Vincent Browne

My online poster for Europe – the only European Candidate to have one!

hotel coverAn Uncomfortable Truth the documentary that will be made…April 2014

Here I tell a short story about the loss of laughter in Ireland and the daily grind of suffering facing many people. April 21, 2014. This story is called Falling

Jill on … youth

Jill on  …being somebody

Jill on  …language

Jill on  … transparency

Jill on  … greed

Jill on …The Irish being the Blacks of Europe (courtesy of The Commitments film)

Jill on …the 42% debt in Europe

Jill on …why send me to Europe

I made this video about debt in November 2013. It is thirty minutes long but I believe it is worth watching. It ran in the and The Goodmen Project (US). 



I was interviewed by in January 2014 about my journey to bankruptcy (sorry for wearing the sames clothes but bankrupts have limited wardrobes lol)


RTE – Life and Debt 2012


This is the second part and I appear at minute 5.34

This is the third part – I appear at the beginning of this section and also at minute 9.48

In 2012 I was part of an RTE documentary called Life and Debt. This is the final section of the programme and I appear at minute 5:50.

i wonder body

I did an I Wonder about Body Dismorphia , a topic I feel strongly about, especially as the mother of two wonderful young women


default (1)

This is just fun – an interview I did with Planet Korda on going to the pictures …


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